About FSS

Future Strategy Solutions is dedicated to the development of manufacturing for the 21st century  With expert focus on materials and a strong understanding of manufacturing and materials from research through policy, Future Strategy Solutions can help you at any position within your supply chain.

  • Future Strategy Solutions works with manufacturers and their materials suppliers to match the manufacturer’s needs to the materials they use
  • Future Strategy Solutions  promotes a more resilient supply chain and helps  create processes that assure and communicate issues between manufacturers, suppliers and, if needed regulators.
  • Future Strategy Solutions works with federal agencies to help them solve their materials based issues.
  • Future Strategy Solutions works with OEMs to assure that they and their materials suppliers understand each others needs, risks and expectations and helps them develop appropriate specifications to assure that expectations are met.
  • Future Strategy Solutions partners to help manufacturers assess and understand underutilized capabilities.
  • Future Strategy Solutions works with the legal industry - Dr. Fischman has and can serve as an expert witness.
  • Future Strategy Solutions works with manufacturers and startups to develop business plans for the development of new product.
  • Future Strategy Solutions serves as an active member of a team that can be organized to best solve your problems.

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